How you perceive is how you receive

  • Environment

    Whether it be with our friends or family, at home or at work our environment has an influence to how we feel daily.

  • History

    Things that may have been given to us by our family, friends or previous experiences may need to be released.

  • Beliefs

    Overtime we create limiting beliefs that can lead us to feel hopeless, unmotivated, unworthy, lost or stuck.

RESET Your Perspective

Remember that you are not your thoughts. We exist beyond our environments, history and beliefs. Take back control in your day and your emotions within each moment.

Thank you for feeling!

Know that you are not alone, the weight of the world can carry a lot of pressure but we know you have the resources within you and all around you to find clarity and peace in your journey.

Reset Habitually

To reset we must know where you are at and where you are going. We discover this through the foundation of us within.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Time to get you empowered

    • About the Reset Your Habits Course

    • Understanding Your Perspective

  • 2

    Reset--Chapter 1: The Conscious and Subconscious Mind

    • Getting into RESET

    • About the Quiz

    • Subconscious vs. Conscious Quiz

  • 3

    Reset--Chapter 2: Power of Your Breath

    • The Power of the Breath

    • Breathwork Activity: Reset Breathing

  • 4

    Reset--Chapter 3: Exploring Your Habits

    • Why do we have Habits?

    • What is a Habit?

    • Habit Check

  • 5

    Reset--Chapter 4: The Habit Creation Process

    • Habit Creation Process

    • Habit Creation Activity

    • Habit Creation Check

    • Reset Recap

  • 6

    Reset Your Habits Resources

    • Gratitude Practice

    • Alternate Nostril Breathing Guide Sheet

    • Awareness Breathing [Alternate Nostril Breathing]

    • Experience Deeper Awareness

    • Integrate Your Habitual Reset Daily

    • Recommended Books to Explore