Think Bigger.

​Breathe Deeper.

To begin we must step out of ourselves, our problems, our thoughts, and analyze how we have found our way to this very moment. In order to build self-awareness and self-understanding, we are going to slow down and take some time for you.

The Power of Guided Meditations

Backed by extensive research, Habitual Roots can help people navigate life's challenges and enhance one's sense of well being and peace:

  • BREAK FREE from stress, worry, and anxiety and step into feeling calm, on purpose, and empowered

  • ​RELEASE old thoughts, negative patterns, perspectives, belief systems, traumas and FEEL what is true to you

  • LEARN THE 5-STEP PROCESS to become a master of presence and focus

  • DISCOVER HOW TO TUNE IN to more of your natural psychic abilities allowing your creativity to flow and performance to elevate

  • ​BE GUIDED through progressions of breathwork and awaken to your highest version of Self, to start living a life that is connected to purpose and passion

  • ​TRAIN & LEARN alongside conscious lead visionaries and leaders while making more meaningful relationships in your life

Experience a Deeper Awareness

Here is a unique meditation that is not about quieting the mind but activating it.

Experience a journey through 6 states of emotions that are optimal states of feeling.

Begin your personal practice today, sense a level of connection unlike any before.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Build a Meditation Habit

    • How to use this Library

  • 2

    Meditation Exploration

    • Before You Begin

    • Body Awareness Meditation with Kevin

    • Stay Connected & Inspire

  • 3

    Exploring Habit Formation

    • Getting Started

    • Subconscious vs. Conscious Quiz

    • Why do we have Habits?

    • Tapping into the Subconscious

    • 3 Steps of Habit Formation

  • 4

    Reset Meditations

    • Why ROOTS Meditations

    • Reset Your Perspective

    • Goals for Your Reset

    • Stay Connected & Inspire

    • Bringing Love into Awareness with Jane

    • Affirmation Meditation with Nikki

    • Create Space with the Breath

    • RESET Suggested Readings

  • 5

    Organize Meditations

    • Organize Your Thoughts

    • Goals for Organize

    • Stay Connected & Inspire

    • Three Part Breath with Nikki

    • Activation Breathing - Tummo Part 1

    • Relaxing the Body and Mind

    • Creating Clarity in the Body and Mind

    • Creating Connection and Familiarity

    • ORGANIZE Suggested Readings

  • 6

    Overcome Meditations

    • Overcome Your Doubts

    • Goals for Overcome

    • Stay Connected & Inspire

    • Younger Self Meditation with Justin

    • Connect Thoughts into Feelings

    • Navigate the Negative Emotions

    • Observing the Mind

    • OVERCOME Suggested Readings

    • Releasing and Embodying Meditation

  • 7

    Transform Meditations

    • Transform Your Behaviors

    • Goals for Transform

    • Stay Connected & Inspire

    • Connecting into the Heart

    • Activation Breathing - Tummo Part 2

    • Box Breathing with Justin

    • Stepping into your Legend

    • TRANSFORM Suggested Readings

  • 8

    Smile Meditations

    • SMILE At Your Life

    • Goals for Smile

    • Stay Connected & Inspire

    • Going forth with Love & Clarity

    • Being Love and Aware

    • Staying in Love and Kindness

    • SMILE Suggested Readings

  • 9

    ROOTS Integration

    • Experience Deeper Awareness

    • Experience the ROOTS Practice

    • Releasing & Embodying Meditation

Dakota T.

"Those moments I take to breathe I use to implement other things I have recently learned. I have done so much healing the past few months. I am at peace."

Erin P.

"The best part is that they teach you simple steps to meditate or even just think about something differently- so you can change your day(s, weeks, months...) you get the point."

Marcos M.

"They helped me with clarity and intention but adding a focused action has pulled so much new joy and fulfillment into my consciousness and presence"

Kaylynn B.

"If you're looking to expand and transform your mind, body and spirit - I highly recommend Habitual Roots to guide you on your journey!"

Bring 'U' back to the moment

Experience the magic of your presence

How to Begin your Meditation

Habitual Roots presents a very simple, direct type of guided meditation for all types, perfect for anyone getting started: focusing your attention on your breath, honoring your feelings, as you sit presently.

  • Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit, with your back upright.

  • Put on headphones (this will help block outside distractions).

  • Select the meditation length that’s ideal for you.

  • Press play and close your eyes.

  • Focus your attention on your breath, breathing in and out.

Why Meditation is helpful​

The guided meditations from Habitual Roots offers three main benefits to anyone who uses them:

  • Decreased stress and anxiety

  • Increased focus

  • Increased mindfulness

Put the 'U' back in hUman

Reconnect to your breath and to all that it touches