Being Mom. It's a Full-Time Job.

  • Parent-Child Dilemma

    Often, we get stuck viewing our parents as only our parents, and our children as only our children, but we are more than that. We are deeper than just these dynamics.

  • Always on the Go

    Our lives are busy. Kids, jobs, and relationships pull us in all directions. Learn to build a practice that allows you to reconnect with yourself even in the shortest of moments.

  • Weight of the World

    We hear you, super mom. Striving for perfection in all aspects at 100mph. It's time to recenter and tap back into yourself. Find moments to revitalize every day.

Put the 'U' back in hUman

Project Mom is a safe space for adult children and their mothers to organically come together. We provide an environment for exploring mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and building positive habits of self care, together. This allows deeper connection and also fosters space for compassion amongst program participants.

Welcome to the Next 'U'

Backed by extensive research, the ROOTS Methodology helps people navigate life's challenges and enhance their sense of well being and inner-peace.

  • Reduce your stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Increase your energy

  • Increase your confidence

  • Improve your memory, focus, and concentration

  • Improve your relationships

How It Works

  • Schedule your Discovery Call

    Connect with us on a 30-minute phone call to discuss your journey ahead.

  • Choose the Program for You

    You know what is best for you. Customize your experience to fit your specific needs.

  • Start Your Journey

    Take the first step to a deeper sense of inner-peace with your ROOTS facilitator.

In The Course

  • Connect With Us

    Join us for seven live sessions via Zoom involving expansive conversations, integrative practices, and resources to enhance your mental-resilience and increase your sense of inner-peace.

  • Connect The Dots

    Use the ROOTS Methodology to deepen the connection to yourself and learn to live purposefully. Each phase brings a specialized focus on components of emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

  • Connect The Hearts

    Find yourself in an intimate space filled with connection, compassion, and creativity. In a group of like-minded and like-hearted individuals, we'll explore how we may enrich our daily lives.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Opening Ceremony

  • 3

    Week 1: Reset--Mental Conditioning

    • Getting into RESET

    • Subconscious vs. Conscious Quiz

    • Download Guide Book for Week 1 of Reset Training

    • Live Meeting via Zoom: 1 of 7

    • Week #1 Slideshow: Reset Part 1

    • Week 1 Integration--Awareness Breathing [Alternate Nostril Breathing]

    • Week 1 Integration--Gratitude-Body-Scan Meditation

  • 4

    Week 2: Reset--Emotional Conditioning

    • The Habitual Reset

    • EQ vs. IQ [Quiz]

    • Download Guide Book for Week 2 of Reset Training

    • Live Meeting via Zoom: 2 of 7

    • Week #2 Slideshow: Reset Part 2

    • Week 2 Integration--Awareness Breathing [Box Breathing]

    • Week 2 Integration--Relaxation Body Scan Meditation

  • 5

    Week 3: Organize--Your Thoughts

    • Download Guide Book for Week 3: Organize

    • Live Meeting via Zoom: 3 of 7

    • Week 3 Slideshow: Organize

    • Week 3 Integration--Reset Breathing Practice

    • Week 3 Integration--Emotional Clarity Meditation

    • Week 3 Integration--DreamDay Meditation

  • 6

    Week 4: Overcome--Your Doubts

    • Download Guide Book for Week 4: Overcome

    • Live Meeting via Zoom: 4 of 7

    • Week #4 Slideshow: Overcome

    • Week 4 Integration--Transmutation of Negative Thoughts Meditation

    • Week 4 Integration--Love and Clarity Meditation

  • 7

    Week 5: Transform--Your Behaviors

    • Download Guide Book for Week 5: Transform

    • Live Meeting via Zoom: 5 of 7

    • Week 5 Slideshow: Transform

    • Week 5 Integration--Power Clarity Meditation

    • Week 5 Integration--Fire Meditation

  • 8

    Week 6: Smile--At Your Life

    • Download Guide Book for Week 6: Smile

    • Live Meeting via Zoom: 6 of 7

    • Week 6 Slideshow: Smile

    • Week 6 Integration Meditation: Loving Awareness

    • Week 6 Integration Meditation: The River of the Mind

  • 9

    Week 7: Smile--Closing Ceremony

    • Live Meeting via Zoom: 7 of 7

    • Experience Deeper Awareness

T. Harris

"A life changing experience for me with tools that I can use everyday and has impacted my stress reduction with practical advice I can use. I love the accountability and I appreciate the support."

K. Dulken

"Insightful. Inspiring. Supportive. A class truly led by people who really practice what they preach. Comprehensive plan and guidance to help you achieve your goals and understand how to get out of a rut."

J. Kruegar

"Kevin and Justin did a great job explaining and demonstrating key concepts. Their reference to source information was phenomenal."

Put the 'U' back in hUman

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